Department Descriptions

The AV2018 organisers are looking for active members of scouting to join our team up for the upcoming Venture being hosted in Queensland. Below is a run down of the each of the areas and the particular jobs they look after.

Administration and Communications

The Administration and Communications division will manage: the planning and organisation of the Venture headquarters office during the event; the division’s risk management strategy; communication with local authorities about the plans and status of the event; the participant registration process and documentation; any vehicle pool; the rostering of service leaders to roles during the event; communication to event participants and contingents; identification of participants during the event; the operation of the on-site medical and welfare facilities; in collaboration with the Activities division all transport services; a chill-out facility for adult participants while at the main Venture site; the planning and organisation of the contingent headquarters during the event.


The Finance division will manage: the collection of the bulk of the event’s income by working with contingents; raising all purchase orders; payment of all invoices; preparation and revision of the budget; preparation of financial statements to internal and external stakeholders; development of processes and forms for the ordering and payment of goods and services; the division’s risk management strategy.

Marketing and Public Relations

The Marketing and Public Relations division will manage: the division’s risk management strategy; promotion of the event to potential participants; the public image of the event; invitations to and hosting of dignitaries; sale and distribution of event souvenirs; the production of a daily newsletter during the event; approaching suitable people regarding sponsorship packages; the operation of a radio station while participants are at the main Venture site plus all website content.


The Activities division will manage: arrangements with commercial suppliers of activities; transport services associated with activities; provision of facilities associated with activities; the division’s risk management strategy; the relationship with the site operators; in collaboration with National any youth forum type activities; expeditions, on-site and off-site activities and night activities; allocation of participants to activities; the tracking of participants who are at activities off the main Venture site; opening and closing ceremonies; the supply of special dietary requirements when participants are away from the main Venture site.

Sites and Services

The Sites and Services division will manage: physical security of venture sites; supply of information technology infrastructure; in collaboration with the Activities division the provision and good operation of all facilities on event sites; the division’s risk management strategy; in collaboration with the Activities division the relationship with the site operators; the provision and operation of a dining facility for all participants when at the main Venture site.