Onsite Activities

We have heaps of cool activities on site you don’t need to book in for – just turn up and have fun! Our daily, on-site program will be the same from Monday 8 Jan through to Thursday 11th Jan.

Our main on-site activities will be open between meal times:

9am – 12pm

2pm – 5pm

Don’t forget to check out our team challenges, get together with your mates (from your new unit or home state) and test yourself against our on-site activities. Every evening the winning team from these challenges will get Gold Class seats at the arena’s entertainment.

The main day time on-site activities that we have on offer all fall under several categories:

Get Wet

All things water based, testing your skills on the river.

Get Off the Ground

How long can you spend off the ground? Have a go with our abseiling, rock climbing and other high ropes based activities.

Get Fat

Show off your skills in the kitchen and get the chance to eat what you make.

Get Back to Basics

Test out your Scouting skills with pioneering, navigation, geocaching and tree-planting on site.

Get Creative

Try your hand at our do-it-yourself crafting activities.

Get Scored

See if you can score with our archery.


Get the chance to meet our wonderful Rover Scouts and spend some time finding out what is waiting for you in the section up.

Chill Out Zone

Our super relaxed Chill Out Zone will be open between 10am and 4pm, and then again between 7.30pm and 11.30pm. This is located in the camping zone for the convenience of the Venturers. Grab some couch space or play your favourite board/card games with your mates. Charge your phone, play a game of pool or table tennis if you like.

Always Around

We will always have a selection of balls, dodgeball and our on-site pool available for use.

Night Time Activities

Open at 6.30pm every evening, with entertainment at the arena commencing at 7pm. Each night has a theme so pack accordingly and Get Set for some awesome nights!

Tuesday, 2nd Jan ‐ Welcome to AV2018!

Meet your unit and leaders. Get ready to embark on your awesome expeditions 😀

Sunday, 7th Jan – Opening Party! Let’s Get Pumped!

Let’s kick AV2018 off with a BANG! Beginning at 7pm, our award winning line up is bound to get you bouncing. Our awesome band will kick us off and we will finish the party on a high with a top Australian DJ. We won’t tell you who just yet, but your belleez are gonna be in stitches from the dancing!

Monday, 8th Jan ‐ Glow rave party! Lets Get Ridiculous!

That’s right, dress up in your most ridiculously loud outfit. The key is to not blend in. There’s only one way to do a rave and that’s loud. Starting the party at 7pm, our DJ line up is perfect for the ultimate rave to go for ever into the night. What else is ridiculous? Our night activities! Ever played a game of human foosball? Well tonight you and your mates can!

Tuesday, 9th Jan ‐ Beach party! Let’s Get Wet!

Join us at 7pm and bomb dive into the night with our amazing Band and DJ. What does one wear to a beach party you might ask? It’s time to bring out the classic Hawaiian shirt, straw hat and slip slop slap with some groovy zinc. The activities we have in stall will literally knock your socks off (or your wrestling buddy will).

Wednesday, 10th Jan – White party! Let’s Get Coloured!

The party kicks off at 7:00pm with a live band. Who? Well, we can’t tell you their name, but they’re not in jail… But anyway, the band won’t be the highlight – YOU will be! Make sure you wear something white… but make sure it’s old. Why? Because we guarantee you will have a colourful time! Still want to party? We’ll throw in a DJ to wrap the night up!

Thursday, 11th Jan ­‐ Aussie rock party! Let’s Get Loud!

Featuring all the greatest hits and more! “You’re the voice!” Or you might not have a voice after tonight. Our magical band will take us on a rockin’ ride all night long. Our activities are sure to get you bouncing off the walls… or each other. Let’s ROCK!!!

Friday, 12th Jan ­‐ Closing Party!

Go BIG or Go home! Our awesome line up will start at 7pm featuring a rockin’ Aussie born band. Is a full ‘moon’ good or bad?

Don’t want this night to end? Why not keep this party going with none other than a couple of siblings to blow your socks off! Capture your last moments at AV2018 with your mates and grab the party by the balls. Let’s finish it the way we started and end with a BANG!

Each night, activities will commence from 6.30pm for those who have already finished dinner with the arena opening at 7pm. The arena and night activities will close at 10.30pm each night and will extend until 11pm on the final night.

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