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As you being your journey in one of Queensland’s most iconic cities, the breathtaking Gold Coast, you will launch into the very busy Broadwater right in the middle of the Gold Coast. Marvel at the jet boats, paragliders, sea planes, yachts, huge motor launches you pass as you journey up the coastline hopping from island to island kayaking through to your final destination.

Paddle up the inside coast of Stradbroke Island, camping each night at different locations on your way North. Explore the pristine waters of the famous Moreton Bay, spending four days learning some terrific paddling skills from some of Queensland’s best sea kayakers,(Ka)Yakking your way through idyllic waters on your own adventure.

Test yourself and your unit with daily challenges, soak up the sun on the white beaches and experience just what the best part of South East Queensland’s coastline has to offer! Pass via Potts point and Macleay Island before finishing your spectacular journey off paddling to Victoria Point, one of Brisbane’s prettiest waterside suburbs where you will relax, replenish and chill out in the local area.

Be the master of your own destiny as you decided your chosen path with your paddling mates. Go the inside passage, or dig deep and take the channel? Sleep in and miss the tide only to play catch up all day slogging it out against the wind and tide or be up with the dawn chorus for a good start to an easier day’s paddle? All up to you and your new friends.

This is truly an expedition in every sense of the word. Provision yourself, pack your own kayak, learn the tools of the trade, master your paddle, chart your own course, and you are guaranteed to not only be part of an extraordinary expedition, but bring home memories that will last a lifetime.

Cost: $435

Intensity Level: Hard

Location: Moreton Bay

Please Note: The expedition structure and activities are subject to change.

If you have any questions, contact us.

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