Get Shipwrecked

get-shipwreckedGet up bright and early on day one, leave base camp, and head off on Mission Shipwrecked, you’ll spend the day setting up, exploring your new home on “Monster Island” and hunting through the site, to collect the materials that will help you make it through the next few days.

Get truly shipwrecked and set up your shelter to live in for the next few days, using what you found around the island. Prepare dinner by starting a fire without matches or a lighter. Collect and store water without a tap… or a bucket… or a cup. Then, head to the beach to enjoy some saltier water. Round out your day of collecting with some exploring on what to eat and what not to eat out in the bush. See if you can scrounge up enough for a salad for dinner.

Spend the morning trying your hand with a rod and reel, and see if you can catch anything worthy of lunch. Then, it’s time to test out your skills with an evening spent catching monsters, if you catch enough, you can learn how to prepare fresh meat for dinner; from bush to plate in one afternoon. Learn to signal for help, and hopefully the ferry will come pick you up, and take you back to the Venture Site.



Cost: $335

Intensity Level: Medium

Location: Moreton Bay

Please Note: The expedition structure and activities are subject to change.

If you have any questions, contact us.

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