Get On Country


Join us as we travel to the Fraser Coast – land of the Badtjala people.

Camp overnight near Maryborough then experience “Welcome to Country” ritual, where you will be challenged to leave behind the pressures of present-day life and immerse yourself in indigenous culture. We will travel the Fraser Coast, learning about the traditional weapons used to hunt and gather in Australia for centuries, with spear workshop and construction.

Continuing on with our traditional themes, learn how to cook (and heartily eat) a Cupmurri – a style of roast cooked under the ground, which is by all accounts absolutely delectable. Queensland is a state of vast countryside, and countless rivers, and with that in mind we are planning to give you some time on the water.

Travel to Fraser Island by boat1, and explore in 4WDs significant locations and learn their cultural significance. Our guide is a renowned artist. Take time to learn both the techniques and the traditional meaning behind the image.

1:  Travel to Fraser is still under negotiation with the traditional custodians.


Cost: $745

Intensity Level: Easy

Location: Central Queensland Coast

Please Note: The expedition structure and activities are subject to change.

If you have any questions, contact us.

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