Get Hooked


Jump in a 4WD, and bounce your way up the coast to the Noosa North Shore. We will be staying on five acres of private property, owned by a local Venturer Leader who has offered us the run of the joint.

Camp out under the stars, far enough away from the city that you can spend your nights getting to know the constellations. Spend your days learning to fish in all sorts of environments as we have access to.

A beautiful stretch of beach where you can learn all of the ins and outs of fishing with the waves. If the beach is a touch too sandy for you, head down to the estuary and learn about all the types of fish you can catch down there. If fishing is getting a little slow, why not jump in the 4WD’s and head for a spin around the area and see if you can find the edges of this little slice of paradise.

Cost: $375

Intensity Level: Easy

Location: Noosa Northshore

Please Note: The expedition structure and activities are subject to change.

If you have any questions, contact us.

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