Get Air

get-airHave you ever dreamt of soaring the skies? Of flying amongst the stars and traversing the lengths of this planet? Then maybe you should join us in Redcliffe, and Get Air.

You will get the chance to head out to some of our most prominent airports in the greater Brisbane area, starting right where most of your adventures it all began, at the Brisbane Airport. We will be making our way through hangar tours through the Qantas Maintenance hangar, to see all of the bigger plans, and then onto Brisbane Airport Cooperation to see what they can tell us about the nitty gritty of flying those machines.

We will head out to Aviation Australia for a full day of connecting with the true blue pilots, and will even get the opportunity to try out the training equipment that their pilots use. Next up on the list of cool places to visit is the RAAF, where we will be meeting with Boeing pilots and maintenance staff to get a real feel for the industry.

Our final day will be heading down the ever lovely Redcliffe airport, where you will get the chance to use all of the knowledge and experience gained in the last couple of days. You will plot, plan and prepare a flight over to Moreton Island, to see how much you have really learned. Then we will put your skills and knowledge to the test, when we climb into a plane and head off on your flight path!

Good luck and happy flying, Venturers!

Cost: $510

Intensity Level: Easy

Location: Redcliffe

Please Note: The expedition structure and activities are subject to change.

If you have any questions, contact us.

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